Just as Fashion & Beauty garners most women's attention in regards to her appearance so should her home. I truly believe that a woman's home says much more about her than her clothes ever will and I feel you can't be ALL THE WAY empressive if your home is not. I probably take more pride in my home than I do with my appearance, and I definitely spend the most money here. As much as I live for fashion, I also live for Interior Design, everything from wallpaper to dinner place settings.
On this page I will be featuring all the little Fandangles (anything fancy) as my grandmother used to say, that I have bought for my home and showcasing what I have completed so far in my flat/apartment. We recently moved into a two bed, (myself & daughter) so I already have many ideas on how I want to decorate and what i want to buy but it will all be done on a budget. I will shortly start uploading pictures of the items that I've bought so far and give ideas on how to dress a room and how achieve a certain look without breaking the bank.


The best place to start is the bathroom, this is where you get clean and it should be bright & pristine. Its a small space and easy to plan and give a quick spruce up. I've always believed it best to keep the base colour in the bathroom white or very light, then accentuate with bold colours. I haven't quite decided on what my accent colour will be yet but I'm leaning towards teal. Here are a few little Fandangles that I've got for the bathroom.

Soak All Your Troubles Away Wall Sticker
Wall Stickers from Ebay price varies on size

Bath Jewelled Word £8 Matalan (available in white)

Mirrored Mosaic Pot £6 Matalan ( i use as a toothbrush holder)

Mirrored Mosaic Soap Dispenser £8 Matalan
I have something similar to this in white from Ikea £35

Brushed Metal Vase £12 Matalan

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