Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A little history...

I am a trendsetter and I WILL never follow Fashion, I always make Fashion follow me....
My name is Leoni, I am a LOVER of everything to do with Fashion & I enjoy creating concepts, collections, outfits & layouts based on or around exciting and unique themes, colours, styles, prints etc! The whole idea of this blog is to mix Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle in an Empressive way and show the world how to dress & live so. My biggest influence & fan is my daughter Kyra, she inspires most of the young, fresh & funky looks you'll see on EmpressiveMe. She is a 15 year old with her own unique sense of style and being in my thirties I'm a little dizzy from the ever changing teenage trends & styles; so I guess you could call her a mini consultant but it is just her & I that create the looks & layouts from scratch. With fashion comes Music so I'll be adding a bit of Entertainment & also a Lifestyle page focusing on the EmpressiveHome but that'll come a little later. This blog is not my only endeavour pertaining to Fashion & Business I have my hands in many pies so to speak. I enjoy all things creative from Events Management to Interior Design and will be incorporating as many of my talents as I can fit into this one blog. This is an open & honest way of promoting myself and my many talents to a broader audience and to help build my business & brand. So...Diva's, Divo's & Fashionista's; as you continue to visit EmpressiveMe I will promise to keep all you Fashion hungry fiends well fed.

For more information or bookings email: or call: 07960 831223

Kisses Bitches...XxX

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