Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Credit to Lila Shoes

I have been having trouble showing the links to one of the sites that I have used shoes from in a couple of my looks. For some reason the shoes never seem to show up in the labels or pictures at the bottom of each look identifying where the product came from. Once I realised, I tried to copy the link under the looks but today it won't let me; so here is the link for the site of shoes I have used and a little post about them.
 and you can follow them on Instagram @lilashoes

I always create a look from shoes or accessories, I believe that if the shoe is on point it doesn't matter what the rest of the outfit looks like because a good shoe can  make any drab outfit come to life. Shoes to me are the thing I most crave and live for in Fashion and always look for new and exciting designs and styles. I couldn't tell you how many shoes I possess but its a lot I can assure you, from flats to knee length boots i am a shoe fiend. So when i stumbled across this company via Instagram I instantly started following and was hooked, they lead as far as I am concerned in trends and affordability.

They really have the best shoes, they are consistent with the current trends and always seem to be the first to promote them. They have a broad range of styles to suit any young fashion forward woman and price range to suit any purse.

My fave shoes so far & featured in my Day to Night Aztec Edition have been the Quinn Multicoloured Wedge which comes in other great colours for Spring, such as the Taupe/Pink & Snakeskin which I featured in my Spring your Step spring shoe trends.
 Another fave is the Shanae wedge boot with fine chains just delicately decorating an otherwise edgy boot to create something unique and special. This is available in Royal Blue or Black but I have seen them in Pink and they are featured in my Neon, Tribalistic  & Warrior Queen looks.

The Siobhan in Leopard is gorge and is what inspired the Samsung Be Creative look which was based on my own everyday personal style also the Ayoki Glock is something I would wear everyday and is featured in my Spring in your Step post.
Lastly and the shoe that got my attention first on Instagram and what encouraged me to begin following Lila Shoes was the Minka Studded boot. I used this shoe in my Day To Night Tumblr look, and what I love about this boot is; its thuggish and all things gangster but feminine & sexy at the same damn time. I live for this boot simple because I had a pair similar when I think Steve Madden brought them out around the early - mid  noughties. They were like the fem versions of male Timberland boots and they were very popular, I'm so overjoyed to see a revival and what a revival it is... they've got me dancing like I'm at church.

I'm itching to get my hands on them as soon as possible....

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