Sunday, 27 January 2013

Empressive Home - Bathroom

Empressive Home - Bathroom
Bathe in Style...

I had to feature this spectacular bath as soon as i saw it...what a masterpiece and i so desperately want this in my life, it has ME written ALL over it! You know us women, we brag and boast about how many shoes we have or how much they cost, & by which top designer but not me...NOoooo!
 I'll be dropping this bomb......

This what you call Empressive, only a queen, diva or Empress would see no wrong or feel this not in the slightest too extravagant or ostentatious. I love shoes and how ironic that you would  after a long day take off a pair then jump in another...Genuis! Its what women want and what we do, so this is a clever piece of interior design if I've ever seen one.
 I love love love & live for this fabulous way of expressing your true character & personal taste in your home especially if you have that Empressive bank account & spacious home to match. Obviously the average woman who lives in a 5th floor flat in Hackney could never have such thing or even dream it. For me I would rather have this huge shoe bath then 10 pairs of Christian Louboutin's. I am DREAMING, PRAYING & WORKING towards being that Empress, that soaks her weary tired feet after a hard day 's work in this Empressive lil number.

Indulgence Black Large Swirl Mirror Many Colours
$1,070 -

Mike & Ally Stardust Soapdish

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