Saturday, 2 February 2013

Leopard Print Revival

As I was doing a spring clean I found a pair of shoes that I bought if memory serves me well about 10 years ago! They are a pointed toe, steel capped, skinny heeled, leopard printed piece of art! Well to me anyway and when I first saw them I knew I was gonna end up starving myself for them! As mentioned before I am a single mother of one, so I cannot splurge on myself as I would like so i tend to bargain shop! At the time I was still in college and had a toddler so to spend £90 on a pair of shoes was out of the question. However a few weeks later they went on sale for £40 and I grabbed them, 10 years later and I'm still in love. When my best friend Hannah invited to me to her aunts birthday party I thought instead of going out and buying a new outfit, or wearing a dress because its still cold, i decided why not just give my leopard print diva heels a revival! And that I did...paired with a red and black jumpsuit with gold zipper detail and a leopard print jacket and cream & gold clutch bag which I shamelessly got for £3 from Primark ( I bought in black too).

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